Returning to the Truth of everything

Love's Beginning

When you allow everything to be as it is, you stand completely still. There is no waiting and wondering. In the stillness of no-thought, what problem can you actually have? What is Real beyond all illusion?

When you allow everything to be as it is in this moment, you allow yourself to be moved by the truth of You rather than by the agitation of egoic judgment. Feel into this deeply. Do you want agitation to be your foundation, the springboard of your actions, or do you want peace?

Remember that we are always here to assist you. We always say this, don’t we? We always call you steadily to remembrance. You are approaching a time now when you will take great advantage of this assistance. You will find it more tangible and believable than ever before, and so will your fellows. It is here. It has always surrounded you…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.