Alaska Mission: DNA, Poles and Immortal Body of Light


Each human brain is a microcomputer with the

 same operating system as the Planet.

How to recognize this?

Balance Brain Hemispheres.

Shift self-identity from the 3D mind of limitation to

 5D Mind of Multidimensional Consciousness.

This is our Immortal Body of Light.

Light is the Medicine of the Future.

These were key working themes on a recent trip to share the Law of Time in Fairbanks, Alaska with Dr. Jewel Pookrum’s advanced students in the School of Immortality. This was followed by a more public workshop in Anchorage during the Equinox.

Dr. Jewel, a trained medical doctor, teaches that the majority of disease is due to a chronic state of consciousness that originates and is exacerbated by living in the 12:60 machine frequency.

The remedy is to realign our thoughts and change our frequency in order that the chemistry of the blood stream can self-correct and our Immortal Genes

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