The beauty of standing in line

Love's Beginning

What in you is afraid of letting go?

Maybe we should rephrase the question. What on you is afraid of letting go? Yes, we like this. Because within You, as you are, there is no fear. So fear is on you. And it is only on you because you are clinging to it. By clinging to it, you give it a reality that can be experienced.

Let us put this a slightly different way. By assuming that fear is natural and real, you cultivate a separate identity for yourself, and the basis of this separate identity is fear. So to the magnetizing surface of this separate identity cling fearful thoughts. That is why they are persistent, these fearful thoughts, because you persist in seeing yourself as separate.

Let us be clear. You have not done wrong. You are not doing wrong. You are simply upholding an energy made by you…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.