Illusion passes away

Love's Beginning

One of your politicians once proclaimed himself “the decider.” We encourage you to think of yourselves that way. You are the deciders. If you are the deciders, you are subject to nothing because you are separate from nothing.

What happens when you value your judgments of the world? When you judge, you separate. When you separate, you depart from the knowledge of your Wholeness in order to have another chosen experience. Notice this. You can be completely at peace, abiding in your Wholeness, and then you choose to leave your natural state to judge and separate. Notice these choice points throughout your day. When you notice them, you notice your power. You come to know deeply that you cannot have an enemy, but you can choose a perception of enemy.

When you look at the temptation to judge and then just look to see what else is there, that is…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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