The opportunity of stress

Love's Beginning

We wish you a day free of stress today, but if you experience it, we urge you to go into the feeling and the mechanics of it. Be the scientist you are. Look at it.

Sometimes you think, under stress, that you have to solve a problem or confront an issue and that brings on more stress. In those moments, you can sense that there is a flawed energy running the show. The stressful experience is always an opportunity to observe flawed perception running things. The stress is your helpful alarm to let you know that is what is happening.

In the instant following the moment of stress, you have an option. You can react or respond. You are accustomed to hearing this language, but here is another way to look at it. You can allow yourself to react to what you perceive as stressful. Your other option is to…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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