You Are Not Your Emotions – New Moon, New Perspective


It is perhaps common knowledge that words are powerful in shaping our thoughts and that they impact deeply the actions we take towards external conditions. The intermediary physiological process between a thought pattern and a habitual action is our emotions. While we can view both thoughts and emotions as the cause of our actions, the latter tend to be more visible and leave a deeper imprint in our memory for contemplation and self-examination purposes.

If we can master the vibrational quality of our frequently-expressed emotions, we will be able to control the types of bodily responses (speech and behavioural tendencies) we express to the outside world, especially in our most intimate relationships. A consciously-chosen action, as opposed to a neutrally-triggered one, will only elicit and attract equally self-aware behaviours from others. This could be the most critical step towards building a 5th-dimensional world on planet Earth, that is, by first…

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