Transformation: Order up!

Love's Beginning

Friendly reminder: The world can transform very, very easily.

When you know everything is okay, everything is going to be okay, and everything always has been okay, you allow the world to be as it is right now. What it appears to be right now is just the form it’s taking. Forms were meant to transform, and whatever you observe right now is no big deal.

Imagine allowing everything, everywhere, to be as it is, right now, without any blame or struggle. That’s peace, and peace begins with you. Remember that your mind is touching all minds in every moment. If your mind is in turmoil, you invite other minds to that turmoil. If your mind is at peace, you invite other minds to peace. It’s very, very simple. Turmoil is who you aren’t–ego. Peace is who you all are.

We’re not saying not to take action. We’re saying to…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.