The Energies of October

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When you look back over how we have experienced the energies of 2018 so far, most people seem to feel that it has not been an easy ride, in fact for some it has been challenging to say the least. The energetic focus has been firmly fixed on helping us to review and rebuild our foundations so that they will support fifth-dimensional unity consciousness rather than the old third-dimensional template.

If you have just been through a period in which things have unexpectedly broken down and/or rearranged themselves in your life, a few moments honest reflection will likely reveal that the ‘bumpy ride’ has been both necessary and productive.

You might also be able to pinpoint aspects of yourself that are still reluctant to fully change or that you have not quite been able to get to yet. If so help is at hand! The last quarter of the year…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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