Ever-Present Ascended Host

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I was listening to a talk by a prominent speaker, once. And I was surprised as the speaker took questions from the audience. As one of the participants of the conference came forth questioning the actions of those from the Ascended Host, i.e. the Ascended Masters. In particular, the audience member was under the “misguided” belief that those that have already “ascended” have, sort of, left us “high and dry”, as the saying goes.

I was surprised that the individual believed that those of the Ascended Host have “moved on” and are no longer of service to the rest of us. As this is the furthest from the truth of their actions, not to mention their motives. No one would be a candidate for ascension and be given membership with the Ascended Host, if they were not on a path that increases their individual and group service to All That…

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