Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

Reflections of Riverman

Calling Forth The Divine Masculine

How is everyone doing???
What a week of Energies for all of us.
This week’s talk has been brought about by so many things that are happening in the world that it is difficult to pinpoint the true source.
However I will say it is The Divine Mother who is returning in us all and rising in Her Fullness to give birth to a New Humanity.

Once again this is my personal journey which I share as I have chosen to do from a place of Divine Compassion for all Life.

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2018-09-06 19.10.54

I include this chart below which unfortunately, I can’t find the original article and author of.
However it shows how many aspects of our lives that are being brought to our awareness to bring back into balance.
Focusing Our Conscious Awareness is really all we need to do, to begin this process…

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