Archangel Uriel~ The End of the Journey is a New Beginning ~ September 29, 2018

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a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

For those of you who ask when does the ascension cycle end, when is the end of the journey, you must know that this is a journey without end. The process of ascension into higher states of being, dimension, frequency, awareness, and vibration is one that has been present since the first dawn of light in the universe, and it continues throughout the universe without end. But the suffering that has accompanied your journey can end when you look at endings as beginnings and beginnings that arise because of endings, and create completion and closure for yourself, without expectations of how things should end or begin.

Each ending arises from a state of completion and closure with a karmic cycle and life purpose, where you are complete with a lesson, a challenge, a way of being, a frequency…

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