OPENHAND – Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra – To then Manifest Creatively – 9-28-18

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On the spiritual journey, as kundalini starts to rise from the base, progressively due to the spiritual work you may be doing (chakra meditations for example), then the movement of energy can feel very sexual at times. And it can result in a strengthening of sexual desire that wants to be fulfilled. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for it to be expressed sexually, perhaps because the situation isn’t right for it, or else a potential partner isn’t available, or because the energy is meant to be contained and expressed in a different way, which can then become amazingly creative in your life. You may contain it and embody it, through particular practices of ‘tantra’…

Released Kundalini that Feels Sexual

Released kundalini energy might feel very sexual, but there is often a fine dividing line between this and purely creative energy – the two are very closely related. So what you…

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