What Type of Empath are you?

Arwa Ali

Hey 🙂 !! You guys seemed to have really enjoyed the last 2 posts on empaths:

So today, I am glad to share with you the different types of empaths there are, something I only discovered few weeks ago! Enjoy & let me know which one you are! 🙂

  1. Emotional Empath

Most common type of empath. You are able to feel sense & absorb other people’s emotions. You go to work and all of a sudden you feel irritated, tired and don’t know what it is. But once you leave work everything is back to normal & those feeling are no longer there. You could have absorbed someone else’s emotions at work.

It can be confusing & overwhelming, especially when you can’t differentiate if these emotions are yours or others. However, this can be a powerful tool, if you…

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