The Transits of October 2018, Venus’ Turn

The Stars Within Their Courses

Last month, Mars finished the last chapter of a dramatic trilogy that began last May.  It started last Spring, when Mars squared Uranus from early Aquarius, went past the South Node. She then turned around, repeated the same transits in July, except this time became deeply entangled in a dramatic Lunar Eclipse. She turned back around again, and in September made all of these transits again for the third time. In the meantime, Venus came in from the other side, opposed Uranus, squared the Nodes, and squared Mars.


I wish that I could say that we were finished with the difficulties. Unfortunately, however, during October, Venus will turn around and go retrograde, or backwards, and she will be hitting those same sensitive places in early fixed signs that have been bombarded since the Spring.

In most cases, the passage of Venus would be a soothing influence. Venus is the…

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