Karma Yoga Decoded – Part 3

Openhearted Rebellion

By Wes Annac, Editor, Karma Yoga Daily

Imagine you’ve experienced a spiritual awakening. Maybe you’ve realized you are more than your body, and this has motivated you to change your life. Maybe your awakening is less metaphysical and more practical. You’ve realized you have a purpose and you now want to do something good in your short time on this planet.

Fortunately, spirituality and self-improvement can be whatever you make of them. Countless paths are available, but most people recommend you create your own path in which you incorporate the best ideas from each one.

As we’ve been learning, karma yoga is one such path that borrows from various beliefs. Hailing from Hinduism and the Bhagavad Gita, karma yoga is a unique path focused not on constant prayer or meditation, but on service as a form of worship. By helping others, we serve God.

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