Happy Full Moon ~ September 24th, 2018 in Aries ~ Transforming YOUR DNA

The New Divine Humanity

The Full Moon in Aries is a powerful releasing Full Moon ~ impacting your DNA. This Full Moon (energy associated with it) begins today at 11:52 pm ADT. Also known as the Harvest Full Moon…Let us now harvest the beneficial IMPACT of fear being released.

Heading towards what feels comfortable and ACCEPTING what does not feel comfortable ~ for the purpose of transformation and the SHIFT In your DNA.

Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon square Saturn. Moon opposite Mercury and Moon conjunct fixed star Deneb Kaitos….will be part of the frequency that MAY impact you ~ according to your own evolution of consciousness.

With the Moon sextile Mars, Saturn trine Uranus and Sun quincunx Uranus we have a powerhouse of HELP in this transformation as the frequencies FACILITATE (if on the agenda for your unique frequency) CHANGE that will benefit you as your RELEASE FEAR ~ for your complete transformation, Ascension.

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