Were you ever Born and Have you Ever Died?

The New Divine Humanity

Were you ever born and have you ever died,

have you awakened from the sleep, seeing the stars in the sky.

Are you being observed, knowing who is watching,

appearing to be alone, yet feeling the presence, always, touching.

Have you ~ re birthed, with the sunlight on your face,

or are you in darkness, not knowing how to escape.

The evil doers always play their part,

wishing away the dreams, that others hold in their heart.

What is this game, that seems to go back and forth,

day and night, grasping for eternity, always wanting more.

Destiny they call it, as if happiness matters,

understanding, the life we once knew ~ only simply shatters.

What is this freedom then, coming out of sadness,

if dreams are gone and what is left ~ only feels like madness.

The world we live in, doesn’t give us the real answers,

accepting what…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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