The fruit of desire

Love's Beginning

Desire. Sit in the vibration of that word for a moment. How does it feel to you? Does any judgment arise when you contemplate the state of desire?

We invite you to play a game. Whenever you notice the experience of desire today, say, “Congratulations to me!  I have felt desire! I am alive!” And then move on from that moment of celebration.

Part of the reason you feel confusion around desire is that you have judged it so heavily in the past, felt shame about it, judged the desire in others. This leads to desires for things that are also judged, so then you feel shame or a sense of struggle or a need to fight. Your desires lead to your dreams, but your desires also seem to lead to dysfunction.

Remember this: All desires are the same desire. All desires contain at their center a longing for peace…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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