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Here is a lens for today. When you hear or experience the energetic impact of your thoughts (and that’s all you can ever experience), what do you see? Are those thoughts small-self-serving (meaning attempting to elevate or drag down any separate self, thing, quality or experience–yours or another’s) or are they Self-serving? Do they serve us all by acknowledging the truth of our expansion?

If you hear or experience the impact of small-self-serving thoughts, fear not. You are the invulnerable awareness looking upon them. There is no need to step back into the separate-self experience by judging or fretting or comparing what seems to be one person’s experience to another’s. You can just stay here. Now. Quite simply. If you remember and remember and remember and remember to stop–just stop–when you hear that reactive self arising, you don’t need to attach to it. You don’t need to act from it…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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