The Frequency Bands of Expansion and the Super Sub Cycle Starting 2019

The Shift of Time and Energy!

the expanding energy of earth

Man, Tuesday nights Nation class was amazing. So much new information coming thru the most reliable “question bringer” in our group!! I would like to take this moment to once again emphasis how invaluable our questions are to gathering more information that spirit presents. It opens doors that otherwise would not be opened. We can look at it like this, spirit has their set of priorities in information drops, we have ours. When the two meet, holy downpour batman!!

This energy was like a massive energy wave that we were riding, and didn’t stop with class. Nope, I was awake off and on almost all night. I slept off and on almost all day yesterday. Hence no blog!!

Today, let me focus on one of the things that have been revealed thru class. Something I had wondered about for some time and finally received the clearest visual and understanding over…

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