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Love's Beginning

When it comes to thoughts, you can pick and choose. When an unloving thought passes through the field of your awareness, you can check to see if you really and truly believe it. If you understand that you don’t, it passes away. Ego is the instrument you used with intention to have an experience of opposition to yourself. It is not wrong. It is simply what you used, and you are putting it down now.

So ego will churn out a series of greatest hits in order to assist you in staying within separation consciousness–to experience the limits you intended to experience here on Earth. It works really well. It sustains the illusion.

Those thoughts ego churns out–they are not your thoughts. They are suggestions sent to you for the purpose of focusing you within an experience of limitation and conflict. They are not wrong or bad–just practical. They fuel…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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