There’s a Reason It’s Called ‘Golden’

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Generally, when something’s “golden” it’s considered good, optimal, desirable, refined, auspicious.

A golden opportunity. The Golden Rule. The Golden Mean.

Someone who’s able to turn straw into gold — creating something valuable, that benefits others, from humble origins or ‘raw material’.

Maybe we’ve all done that —turned something humble, or turned a string of humbling experiences, into “Gold” that ends up benefiting others or, to use a cliche, help make the world (or our corner of it) a better place.

Meditating Monk and Light. PD image: Pixabay.

If we look, we’ll find The GoldenRule in many root-wisdom, spiritual, and religious traditions — treat others as we’d want to be treated, do unto others what we’d want someone else to deal out to us.

A golden rule from the ancient wisdom-well of reciprocity or ‘right balance’.

Looking around at ‘contemporary culture norms’ these days (and for quite…

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