Common sense

Love's Beginning

There is nothing outside of you.

You encompass all that is, all phenomenality, all time, all space. You, where you meet everyone else–you as our shared and harmonic self of love, are what encompasses everything. This means it is not actually possible for you to be in opposition to anything because you have always been vitally and peacefully connected to All That Is. You can, however, choose the experience of something that appears opposite to that.

Get used to seeing yourself as grand. This is not egoic, as all others are equally grand. It is common sense in the truest sense. If you follow our commonality down, down past the apparently separate extensions of our differentiated selves, down to our common Self–if you sense that, and if you keep this sense alive always, that is common sense. This is the most practical thing you can do.

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.