Soft and Hard, The Wet/Dry Polarity and Its Relationship to Astrological Aspects

The Stars Within Their Courses

The concept of sect, or the division between day and night, is a primary consideration in Traditional/Classical Astrology, and it corresponds to the hot/cold polarity in temperament. This consideration carries over to Essentialist Astrology. The day/night division has been tied to gender since at least the Hellenistic Era, with day being associated with masculine and night being associated with feminine. This gender correspondence is an apparent Patriarchal redaction, and it is rejected in Essentialist Astrology. It is also redundant and adds nothing to the system. Day and night are perfectly adequate descriptors for this polarity, without the need to bring in gender.

There is another polarity in astrology, which is just as important as the division between day and night. This polarity gets muddled with day and night, but it is separate and distinct. This is the wet/dry polarity. It is very possible that this polarity…

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