Heart to Heart Radio Show With Sanna Tarnstrom

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Warm Greetings to all,

I had the pleasure of joining Sanna Tärnström on her Heart to Heart radio show. After the show she saw a brilliant rainbow outside of her window. I take this as an auspicious sign, that our conversation was very productive and on point.

In this fantastic show we dig deep into THE faith and destiny of our ancient teachings from all over the world. The major changes in the elemental realms and universes over this past year. Our co-creation sacred energy work. My passion with different teachings, reflections on my own journey and how we have both grown.

We discussed many different topics and the show ended up being 2 hours.  We could have easily continued longer. So, sit back, relax, pour your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy the show.  Here is the link…  LINK TO VIEW SHOW

If you find the information in this…

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