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Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

I would like to first off have my privacy respected. Please do not include my name, if you plan on posting it. That would be great!

So this is not a physical encounter. Rather, it’s a dream encounter.

So in the dream, I was standing behind my wooden deck in my backyard. A juvenile Sasquatch had seemingly manifested himself in such a way that it looked like he jumped out of the deck and within an arms reach of me.

Even though this was a dream, I was able to use my conscious brain and snap! It instantly clicked in my mind that this was a juvenile. And that the adults must not be too far away. I dashed into a sprint and rounded my house to the side door. Getting in, I pulled on the storm door, but it wouldn’t close!

Next thing I know there’s an adult Sasquatch…

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