For The Lemurian Priestesses


princdelfinesThe Finale image that I was shown yesterday on 9:9:9 as part of the Rising of Lemuria/ Divine Feminine meditation was one in which The Diamond Platinum White Flame ( of the Central Lemurian Crystal Temple , 12 around the ONE) appeared as a huge PILLAR OF LIGHT . It was connecting ABOVE at an Platinum Diamond Core in Andromeda and Below at an Aquamarine Core at Gaia’s Centre. The knowing that came was this Aquamarine core too was somehow connected to Andromeda and this connection Andromeda -> Lemurian Flame<- Aquamarine Core (looped back to ) -> Andromeda!!! ???!!!!IMG_20180910_134451

Then this morning as I was in the garden just taking in the sunshine and grass and chirping birds I was suddenly shown that all those who had put forth the intention of being instrumental in Lemuria ( Divine Feminine) Rising were shown to me as Pillars of Light . And…

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