Spiritual Awakening Symptoms that Won’t Go Away

Arwa Ali

Relax these are not necessarily bad symptoms 🙂

  1. Synchronicity

Seeing repeated numbers repeatedly! You Google it up and you end up with angel numbers. You’re not weird, you were led to receive a message 🙂


  1. Overly sensitive

Okay, this one is a little annoying!!! But look at it in a positive way & use it to help people but don’t let it ever drain you. Remember you are like a channeler, use your physical body as a channel to transfer energy & don’t let it SUCK your own energy. Also you might want to practice grounding & protection to keep your energy levels up.

  1. Empathetic

Tip: Don’t label yourself an ‘empath’ and use that as an excuse to let things & people drain your energy. Like I said before, you are a channeller use that to your power and watch life becomes easier.

  1. Ability to channel things (your passion) into…

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