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This Virgo New Moon happens on Monday September 10th 2018 at 17 degrees of Virgo,
at 4:00AM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

So at this Virgo New Moon time, as we begin a new emotional cycle, lets reset our intentions. This Virgo New Moon is really flavoured with the element of earth, and this makes the focus for practicality and organisation and efficiency. So it is a perfect time for decluttering your mind, your body, your spirit… clean up the house, the cupboards, the drawers, your car… detox the body, find the diet, the exercises, start new habits that resonates with you, employ the energy of Fung shui, and get everything tidy and neat… release what you are not using anymore, throw it away, give it away. Clear you mind of negative personal mantras, listen to your body, what does it needs, take the time to nourish…

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