As The Amazement of Magical Love Unveils Itself

The New Divine Humanity

That first glimpse of Heaven on Earth, an ecstasy so powerful you live in amazement.

Handling the intensity, everything becomes surreal.

Playing out on the screen of your very own virtual reality of life, the bliss supersedes any memory of anything else.

The profound excitement of what may be, takes your breath away.

What else is there in this moment.

The eternal blessing of forevermore, becomes the star swept whirling that whispers gently in the wind, of all things once dreamt upon.

The succumbing to ecstatic love, pours like a tidal wave upon the hearts who live in pureness.

The death and rebirth, becomes the norm as its power opens its doors widely, to the welcoming of its passion.

The taste of innocence pervades the miracle, as the glory of uniting, merges itself completely with the beloved.

Who can know of such Beauty, that lives within the memories now awakened.

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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