Unconditional Mind

Love's Beginning

Today we will explore Mind vs. mind. You are accustomed to mind. This mind is what delivers the thoughts you consider to be your own to you. It’s the mind that is convinced you are acting of your own, separate volition and that you are separate from others. You are also accustomed to Mind because you recognize happy, loving, joyful thoughts. Those thoughts may seem personal. They may seem to come about because something good is happening in your life, but they are not. They are simply reflective of who everyone is. They are unconditional, but you may only permit yourself to hear them when conditions are what you deem to be acceptable.

When conditions are deemed by the false self to be unacceptable, you, identifying as false self, engage in a struggle against conditions. Or you cease struggle, but you bewail and lament instead. This is not a criticism…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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