Flower to Fruit Transformation


Constelacion-Leo_MDSZOM20151116_0001_3Feel the intense Heart Activations taking place as the Sun aligns with Regulus today, Heart of the Lion. Also very palpable are Third eye / crown activations. Bringing forth Union of Heart and Mind for Heart Centered Wisdom / Guidance/ Intution as we continue to exist in the Zero Point/ womb of Timelessness currently.

Our Heart centre is our individual Zero Point of our Merkaba energy Torus. The power center to birth forth a life of Passion and Purpose with the inner Strength and Dignity and Grace of the Lion King/ Queen.screen-shot-2011-11-27-at-7-03-57-am-500x447

Much is shifting and changing in this period of Time out of Time as timelines merge , swirl , whirlpool around us and yet it seems to be all calm on the surface just like the centre of the storm ( eye of the storm). Lots is falling away. Dreams ,aspirations that once held centre stage in our…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.