Personal/Service Of Love Transition From Mexico To Canada

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen

It’s a mixture of tension and excitement in the moment that I am feeling as the ‘countdown’ begins on our exit from Mexico back to Canada. We just paid yesterday a month’s rent for a place in Victoria, BC starting in October…..near the Gorge and almost walkable to the inner harbor area. After being here in Mexico for four years, Raphael and I are going back ‘home’ to ground in the changes, awakenings, shifts, and transmutations that have occurred inside of us in that time with my daughter Raianna coming with us too. It feels like a rooting in to rise process….that is actually more about the internals than the externals.

The tension is in holding some of the details, in the unknowns that come from not ‘securing’ a lease and instead living month to month as we are going to do now…the tensions are in…

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