Mars Stations Direct in Capricorn ~ Time for a Conscious About-Face!

Spiritual Warrior Path

Finally, after two long months of Mars being retrograde, he will reverse his motion and help you get your life moving and grooving again this coming Monday, Aug.27. Mars, the planet of action and desire, shifted retrograde on June 26 in the sign of Aquarius. Mars backed out of Aquarius and re-entered Capricorn on Aug.12. These energetic trends suggest your Soul, and thus your life, has been going through its own kind of transformation, and with Mars now in Capricorn, it energizes a trend to secure the changes that you have been working to mobilize and are now ready to set into motion.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, the day before this significant event, we have a Full Moon in Pisces early on Sunday, Aug. 26, and it is being well anchored by Saturn and Uranus, which is conducive for channeling those surging emotions into productive waters.

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