The Transits of August 2018, The Great Storm is Over

The Stars Within Their Courses

Whew! The dramatic Summer Eclipse Season is almost over, and we have survived it. In Mundane Astrology, or the astrology related to larger world events, the impact of this season may be felt for about 6 months, or until the next eclipse season starting in January of 2019. Also, in larger world events, we may not feel the full impact of the Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 for another 8.5 years. On the level of our day to day lives, however, things are already beginning to clear up. Astrologically, August looks rather nice, especially in comparison to the tumultuous summer we have just had.


There are astrologers that say that periods of tense transits are times of opportunity. In a sense, there is some merit to that notion. This is because tense transits are periods of stress and crisis. The opportunity comes not in the time of crisis, however…

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