August’s New Moon/Partial Eclipse – Let yourself ROAR!….

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New Moon/August 11th 2018 / 10.57 GMT

Partial Solar Eclipse/August 11th 2018 / 10.46 GMT

Here’s the details I’m most interested in with this week’s New Moon/Eclipse and the overall energies of lunar magic. Their meaning and explanation is below:-

  • Sun conjunct Moon in Leo at 18 degrees
  • Finger of Yod pattern involving Neptune (15 deg Pisces), Pluto (19 deg Capricorn), with the finger pointing to the Mercury, Pallas, Sun, Moon conjunction
  • Mars retrograde conjunct Lilith at 0 deg Aquarius also conjunct Pandora at 29 deg Capricorn IN EXACT OPPOSITION to Vulkanus at 0 deg Leo
  • Uranus in a T-square to Mars, Lilith, Pandora and Vulkanus
  • Sun/Moon exactly square asteroid Hopi (2938) and Hermes (69230), and in opposition to Centaur Okyrhoe
  • Mars out of bounds at 26 degree declination

The New Moon/Eclipse aspects setting the scene:-

Sun/Moon in Leo conjunct Pallas and Mercury retrograde

With the New Moon in Leo…

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