LIGHTBODY – Article from Ascension Glossary – by Lisa Renee

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LIGHTBODY – Article from Ascension Glossary – by Lisa Renee

The Lightbody is the human energy field body or Energy Aura body that projects our Consciousness through a holographic template that generates the physical manifestations we experience within this material reality. It is comprised of many interwoven layers ofelectromagnetic frequency (light and sound waves) that make up the consciousness intelligence identities that function in each dimensional layer that exists within the Universal Time Matrix. The lightbody is the holder of our consciousness record and identities throughout time, and it holds the living light code of our Blueprintstructure and maintains our direct connection and communication with our higher self, the Godhead or Source.

There are 3 main Levels of LightBody

Level 1 – 12 Tree Grid and its Horizontal Triad Bodies

Level 2 – Chakra Crystal KeysAxiatonal LinesHara and Nadial Structure


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