Deborah L. Zeta: Accessing this Week’s Portal of Transformation | Celestial Vision

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Deborah L. Zeta: Accessing this Week’s Portal of Transformation | Celestial Vision

Change and spiritual transformation are readily accessible now through the coming week and beyond as the energies of the solar eclipse erupt onto the scene, joining the intense cocktail of planetary retrogrades that includes the Uranus retrograde that began August 7 and runs through January 7, 2019.

The August 11 solar eclipse in Leo which occurs at 3:02 AM CST, carries us deeper into the portal that opened with the July 27 lunar eclipse in Aquarius. This new moon solar eclipse unfolds once again on the Aquarius/Leo axis, bringing life-altering change to those with their sun or inner planets in Leo or Aquarius. The other two fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus will feel the effects of this eclipse powerfully as well.

Everyone will feel the energies of this solar eclipse. Some are already feeling the arrival of the eclipse energies. The energies of an eclipse show up a week or more before the eclipse and are felt most strongly in the 2-3 days prior to the eclipse, the day of the eclipse and 2-3 days after, gradually lessening in intensity. Eclipse influences can last up to six month until the next eclipse series. The next eclipse series will take place in January 2019

Numerous planetary and other influences are aspecting this eclipse. Most notably, this eclipse aspects Pluto, the planet of personal transformation associated with renewal and rebirth, and expansive Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, which is now direct.

This July 27/August 11 eclipse series is helping us transform all that has stood on the path of our spiritual growth and evolution. Doors in consciousness open during this time, giving wings to goals and intentions when they’re aligned with the highest and best for all. The veils between dimensions thin during eclipses so it becomes easier to communicate with souls on the other side and to ask for and receive spiritual guidance.

Some intuitives find their perception off the charts during eclipses and those who are developing intuitive skills may find themselves having psychic and spiritual breakthroughs that shift the course of their lives. As with any transformative change, a certain amount of chaos is to be expected as we seek to maintain balance and find solid ground amid the shifting energies.

This is an eclipse to practice extra self-care and pay attention to health matters. This eclipse can impact the heart, literally. There could be sensitivity in the circulatory system. This is a time when it’s best to avoid major surgery if possible.

With the eclipse conjunct retrograde Mercury, allow for communication glitches. Be especially mindful of what you say as others may be feeling especially sensitive now. If you are distracted by the chaos swirling now, you might be prone to speak before you think. With Mercury retrograde conjunct the eclipse, you may find yourself questioning things in your life. This is not the best time for negotiations or important decisions so it’s best to postpone things of that nature to calmer times. In the bigger picture, social and political change could ride in on the wings of this eclipse, improving things for the greater good.

This eclipse may inspire you to set bold intentions for the future yet the ongoing planetary retrogrades could hinder immediate steps. Mercury goes direct August 19 and Mars goes direct August 27 lightening the cosmic mood a bit.

Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Chiron will be retrograde during the August 11 solar eclipse. Newly retrograde Uranus could make it more difficult to resist the planet’s sometimes erratic and impulsive influences. Depending on what’s going on with Uranus in your astrology chart, you could find yourself being more abrupt, aloof or even agitated. Neurotic behavior, mood swings and rapid personality changes are not uncommon with Uranus retrograde. Past life influences could cast a shadow over this time, triggering karmic events. This provides us yet another opportunity to heal the past at all levels. Be yourself during this time but tread lightly. On the flipside, Uranus magnifies intuition, genius and creativity. It can inspire more eccentric self-expression. Your mind and emotions could be at odds during this time. Avoid outbursts. If a situation is pushing your buttons, it’s best to walk away.

During the time of this solar eclipse, insights you have received in recent weeks could begin to take shape, inspiring a shift in direction. This is the potential for tremendous personal growth during this time. Your visions and sense of possibility may be constantly shifting. Update intentions regularly, even daily.

It is not unusual to see earth change type events unfolding around the time of an eclipse, and even into the weeks immediately following an eclipse. The energies of the planet and all its inhabitants are shaken up during an eclipse.

This is the perfect time to work with intentions. To magnify your intentions, create a new moon ceremony and ask for inner guidance to help steer your actions. This is a good time to plant seeds for the future. Write down your intentions. Journal, work with dreams. You may even choose to record your intentions and play them back periodically. Another idea is to write your intentions in bold colors and tape them to your refrigerator. Whatever works best for you is perfect.

Things are going to be extra intense this week and for a week or more after the eclipse. This eclipse can help you sort out emotions and situations stirred up during the time of the July 27 lunar eclipse. Some situations you were dealing with prior to this summer’s eclipse series trace back to the January 31st/February 15th eclipse series earlier in the year. With those eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis as well, you may find echoes of events from earlier in the year showing up now.

Making the most of the eclipse energies is largely a matter of staying present and paying attention to signs from the universe. Dreams, synchronicities and changes that seem to come out of the blue can point the way to new potentials.

Your guidance, empathy and intuition are your greatest sources of strength during this time. It is better not to resist the changes unfolding now. Follow the signs, ask for guidance, set intentions, allow plenty of time to rest and refresh. Read a good book, take a walk in nature, take lots of naps. Eat healthy and even consider a fast or cleanse to clear old energy from your body. Clear clutter, clear your home. Clear the way to make room for the dramatic changes ahead. By setting the intention to harness the energies of this eclipse to fuel our dreams we are able to access doorways in consciousness that are capable of carrying us into timelines of our highest potentials.

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