Appreciate tension, then release

Love's Beginning

Think of the attractive power of you.

First, consider who you are. You are All That Is, individuated and being expressed through a human body. Incredible, no? You, as you experience yourself through this body, have given yourself a believable experience of being separate.

Now think of what you, as Love, as All That Is, attract to that body-mind to be expressed through it today. The more you recognize and believe the thoughts that align with reality, and the more you allow thoughts out of alignment with reality (any thought that feels contracted) to simply pass peacefully out of the field of your awareness, the more you settle into the rightness of showing up as a living, breathing expression of love.

Think about how the sense of want shows up for you. Are your wants really your wants, or are they a persistent sense of lack? Would you be willing…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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