I will allow it

Love's Beginning

This experience is projected from mind. Think about that for a moment. This experience is projected from mind. It isn’t real. You know what’s real now, though. You can feel what’s real. You are here to bring what’s real into prominence within this illusion.

Can you do it? Why, yes you can. Before you gave yourself the experience of this body, you were sure you could do it, because it is only a matter of allowing what already is, and  allowing what already is is a very simple thing. Say “I can’t” is only another way of saying “I won’t allow it.” There’s really no point in saying it anymore, but if you find yourself doing it, simply return to us. Doubt is part of the illusion. You’re here to simply to bring what is into experience.

When you catch yourself in the midst of doubt, uncertainty, indecision, it doesn’t…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.