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Love's Beginning

Today is a day for sorting out. Let’s look at credit and blame. Go for a moment to that sense I Did It. Go to that sense of I-did-it-and-you-didn’t, or I-did-it-on-my-own. There is a triumph of individual achievement on the credit side, and the heaviness of guilt on the blame side. These experiences are equal. If you look closely, every time you claim an achievement for a separate self you call you, there is anxiety there. There is an unstable sense of separation from your fellows.

Now go to the sense of I did it, but go into it from the perspective of the shared self. Everything we do, we do together. Here within the illusion, you give yourself the sense that you have done something on your own and are therefore more worthy or unworthy than another. It is never the real thing. Everything we truly do, we…

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