A Cosmic Ride

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Living in the Big Picture…….

(And How the Hidden Teachings of an Ancient World can help us thrive in this one)

In 2016  Living in the Big Picture was the winner of the Ashton Wylie literary awards (unpublished manuscript section).  The Ashton Wylie awards is New Zealand’s only literary awards for books of the Mind-Body-Spirit genre.

Here for the first time, is the manuscript, written by me – entitled Living in the Big Picture. I have decided to share it here – because, quite frankly, I can’t be bothered self-publishing it anywhere else.  It seems there is a plethora of companies all too eager to take your money off your hands and your creative efforts to produce a hard copy or e-book. And then what?  Having had two books published by reputable publishing houses (who paid me – in the form of royalties, not the…

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