Body instruction manual

Love's Beginning

You see yourselves as bodies. You see yourselves as bodies so much!

Well, duh.

Yes, we get it, but you’re also right that we don’t get it. We are not currently embodied, and from this state we call you as our equals into deep awareness of what it means to express through a body. We call you to the space around a body. We call you to what is prior to a body. We call you to what will outlast a body. We call to you from beyond time so you can know that you are here now. We will call to you eternally because we are the call, and so are you.

Are you willing to release attachment to worry about all bodies? We are going to make a sales pitch. Here’s why that might be an attractive option, in addition to our 90% off sale right now.


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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.