The Initiation of the Full Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde.

Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach

We are alive in this time for a sacred purpose, Wild Ones!

On July 27th/28th the world will experience the longest Lunar eclipse of the 21st Century, during a Full Moon, and coinciding with, Mercury’s Retrograde.

One hundred and four minutes of cosmic magic!

If we chose to live in this time, on this planet, we chose to embody the energy of this eclipse. We chose to be agents for the changes that will emerge through these energetic celestial alignments.

Our energetic centers (chakras), will take part in an initiation into higher frequency vibration. We are the peacemakers, the seekers, the lightworkers, the starseeds who are in cosmic cooperation for higher enlightenment.

On the day of the eclipse, Mars will be at opposition to the Sun. Shining with a dazzling yellow-orange glow, this planet will be situated about a half-dozen degrees below the moon.

Mars, the ruler of Aries…

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