Decrees ~ Cycle 6 – Transfiguration – Part 2-Recreation

New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light

Valankanah Alaska

Walking Terra Christa provided the Cycle 5, Transfiguration, Part 2 – Recreation of the Mental Self of Ascension Mastery Training, Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara, Hierophant for the fourth Initiation of Ascension Mastery, representing the Mental Body.

Part 2 of Recreation of the Mental Mind is the next phase of the third initiation. Last cycle we worked upon Restructuring the Mental Body. It is at this stage that as the Initiate you start to Recreate the Subconscious Thoughts that are desirable and aligned with your Highest Consciousness.

The Golden Etheric City of Valankanah represents the Great City of Purity and is represented by the 5th Ray of the Science of God.

Ray 5 – Allowing Harmony Within to Guide the Knowledge of the Higher Mind

Definition ~ Science of the Divine Mind

Color:  Green, Gold & White Blended As One Essence

Chakra:  Third Eye

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