Seeing through the disguises to ever-present light

Love's Beginning

The very simple truth of us is that we are all innocent beings, because innocence is all there truly is. Allow that to sink in. Anything that appears contrary to that is a signal about the perception your are choosing. This now moment is always for the purpose of allowing correction of perception wherever conflict is felt and believed in. Beyond that, once perception is clear, it is for the extension of love, and not even that. You see, love extends. That’s what it does, naturally, ceaselessly, and that is what you are. That is what all others are, too. You are here to allow this truth to return to your perception, so you can actually see and experience that.

Every time you see anything other than innocence in a fellow being–anytime we see and identify any flaw at all–we are gazing upon and believing a costume, a disguise. All…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.