7.13 New Moon -Solar Eclipse – Water

Reflections of Riverman

7.13 New Moon - Solar Eclipse - Water.png

Yes this is an amazing time to be alive here on planet Earth. Each of us awakening to parts of our true self through the amazing shifting of energies which everyone took for granted for so many lifetimes.

There were not any show notes for this talk other than looking up the numerological frequencies and meanings which are dancing through the vibratory frequencies of this Friday the 13th.

SO let’s begin there and you can listen to the talk later on.

The number 7 has overtones of Spiritual Awakening and Collective Consciousness. It relates to our searching for Truth in regards to our Soul Purpose and Life Mission.
If you look at the energies of this whole month that you have been experiencing you will soon note the many different ways that this has been represented. Some are large and in your face but most are very subtle yet you…

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