Who Or What Is In Charge Of Your Circumstances?

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“From the beginning of time humans have asked,  ‘who is running the show?’ From the beginning, people have sought answers and answers have been forthcoming. Not everyone appreciates the answers, nor do all agree. Some think it is determined from outside.

That luck, god, nature or the universe determines what comes your way. Perhaps, they are correct. It could be possible. What isn’t answered, or addressed, in this query is, what part do you play? Do you have a role in making things happen?  If so, how much of a role?

Some will say 100%. Some give a variety of other answers. One thing is certain. Whether you, or someone else creates your circumstances, whether you react, or respond, IS 100% up to you. How you negotiate, navigate and weather circumstances is all you.

Perception Is Everything – Perception Makes It So 

Given that your response determines what you do…

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