The Rattle And Shake Of Shifting Timelines

SoulFullHeart Experience

Just finished with moving into a new place with my beloved Kalayna. There were some ‘obstacles’ along the way that made it bumpy at times. These practical annoyances really can shine a light on what we need to feel as we shift timelines.

When we awaken, we are recognizing the vehicle of one timeline is running out of gas. There is a realization that what we have been in relationship to no longer fits the compartments we have set up for ourselves. This can take the course of years, or hit us square between the shoulder blades in a short compressed moment.

You can either stay within the confines of that worn-out, yet comfortable creation parts of you have so diligently maintained, or you can choose to expand the scope of what life is really wanting you to heal and claim. The choice can be maddening for the parts of…

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