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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the building blocks of the Blueprint of all of creation form the unmanifest to manifest worlds and is the basis of all form and Consciousness. Sacred Geometry is the pattern of Consciousness that expresses itself in numbers. On every scale from the Quantum Mechanics to the massive planetary and celestial bodies, every pattern of growth, change or movement will conform to the mathematical precision of one or more geometric shapes. Sacred Geometry is an ancient metaphysical science that explores the mathematical patterns that are inherent in creation and reveals the precise way that the Universe organizes itself. Sacred Geometry reveals the underlying connection between all things in the form of math, numbers and geometry that proves the hidden order behind creation in Divine Infinite Calculus.[1] When we have a greater understanding that “God is Math”, and Sacred Geometry is the language of the Universe and behind all form in creation, it creates a cosmology of unity, rather than the perception of separation. The 12 Tree Grid and the basis of the Universal Time Matrix are based upon sacred mathematics base 12 (Trinity (3) times Universal Prototype of 4 = 12) which encode the blueprint of the Consciousness experiences throughout multidimensional space and time. The experience of Sacred Geometry through meditation or contemplation is essential in revealing the nature, purpose and necessary education of the Soul. Our unique soul pattern holds mathematical patterns and geometric forms which dictate the pattern of our consciousness. When we study these structures of awareness we gain deeper insight to these mathematical patterns and codes which reveal the symbolic nature of our relationship to ourselves, reveal our relationship to the Universe and God.

Everything has a pattern which is the basis of a blueprint and is the key to creating specific experiences and effects in our consciousness or perception. When we study forms that we see in the natural change and movement of the natural kingdoms, when we study the geometry inherent in nature, it will inform us greatly of how nature works. All forms are brought forth in the Gender Principle of Creation, the Mother principle is Matter, and the Father principle is the Pattern, together through their mating everything is created.


Black Magic Hijack of Creation Symbols

For every lightworker, it is critical to discern the quality of force that is behind the use of symbols, codes or geometries, as the intent infused into the symbol is energized with the quality of force that the person is applying into that symbol, as well as for what purpose they use that symbol or code. On the earth, the NAA have done everything possible to associate creation symbols, symbols that are pure consciousness energy, and distort and debase that energy into reversals, in order to destroy creation and destroy life. The Imposter Spirit has purposely usurped many holy symbols and sacred geometry for the main purpose of creating confusion and fear in the average mind, and to associate negative qualities with creation symbols and holy presence. The main purpose of the Satanist or Luciferian is to destroy the original intent of creation codes, such as Sacred Geometry in so that the human being will be so filled with fear and confusion around sacred symbolism, they will develop spiritual terror and run away from them as to not “offend god”. This is the ruse of the Satanic forces, who want to steal creation and life force away from humanity, and thus steal the inherent knowledge of humanities own consciousness bodies away from them. Hence, as an primary example, the Star of David is used in Black Magic by people that have been taught to defile its true meaning in occult rituals by the Imposter Spirit and NAA. This is to prevent the true meaning of its use to inspire unity in human beings.

Vesica Pisces or Dyad

The Principle of the Vesica Pisces geometry is bi-wave or polarity. The overlapping space between the two spaces of polarity is known as the cosmic womb and is the Mother principle in creation. From the cosmic womb, everything else emerges, the rest of the geometric principles and shapes and numbers are born. The process of Polarity Integration is the process of merging the duad from the extreme of opposite poles in an attempt to attract to each other in so a merge may occur and return the poles into the state of balance and unity in triad. The triad or tri-unity is the symbolic base of our divinity. The wholeness of the Universe is a Triad ( See Threefold Founder Flame ) that mediates our return to energetic balance and transmits the Sacred Geometry which brings forth our inner perfection and completion that perpetually returns us back to the Godhead.

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids

The Mystery Schools of Pythagoras, Plato and the ancient Greeks taught that these five solids are the core patterns behind physical creation. Four of the Platonic Solids are the archetypal patterns behind the four elements in all creation, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. The fifth pattern was considered to be Universal Substance of creation and in some Mystery Schools was considered the fifth element of Aether. The fifth solid is the dodecahedron and its usage in the material world was closely guarded as it was felt to be dangerous if it was misused. We are acutely aware the NAA and many of the Illuminati lines has misused these as forms that are the basis of reversal ten structures that have been placed on the earth as Mind Control matrices. These are called reversal 55 Grid and appear as dodecahedron shapes, they are a part of the reversal matrix used by Service to Self entities. Hence, in our model we came the dodecahedron as the elemental matrix substance used to form time and space. Through Hieros Gamos the upgrade is the Star of Azoth to the Krystal Star Seven Sacred Suns which hold the Cosmic Aether component for our connection and communication which is fully governed by Cosmic Sovereign Law and the Krystal Star host. The Cosmic Aether or Mothers Quintessence manifests itself into any geometrical wave pattern and breathes life into it creating offspring, multiple fractal patterns of spirals that are creations birthed into form matter.

Platonic Solids arrange themselves in fractal patterns that weave a Morphogenetic Field into a Blueprint that manifests a matrix in space which interconnects atoms with the Stars in their celestial patterns. The scale of the platonic solid shapes are different but the ratios between them are the same geometries which follow the same holographic patterning, this is following the Hermetic principle of “As Above, So Below”. These celestial patterns are called the Gate of Man or The Silver Gate which is the annual movement of our Sun on an elliptical path through the constellations, moving over many thousands of years in evolution cycles called the Precession of the Equinoxes. The Universe moves and evolves through spirals, all opposing polarities resolve in spiraling into balance, as balance between polarities can be made visible in the spiral movement. The movement of spiraling energy has the center core which is called the eye, in the eye of the spiral is the absolute zero, neutral or calm center. This core center in the spiral of consciousness exists in all living things.


A Fractal is a repetitive geometric pattern that can be scaled to any size, extremely small to large. The scale may change but the ratio remains constant. The same repetitive patterns that are found in the Platonic Solids that fit within each other are fractals. That fractal pattern is what shapes the atom, the smallest unit of matter that defines the chemical elements. That same atomic structure behind the fractal pattern is what shapes our planets, stars and the Universe. The inner structure of a fractal is reflected identically in its outer structure, it is the same geometric pattern repeated. A fractal means fraction which indicates that it is a fraction of the all, each piece is holding a reflection of the part of the whole. The fractals of the Electromagnetic Field energy interconnect with everything through multiple layers of Morphogenetic Fields repeating their fractal pattern in many dimensions within the Universe and are the basic building blocks of the Holographic Universe.


The heptagon which is based on the number Seven (7) cannot be born through the Vesica Pisces or Dyad of two. This is why Seven is considered a sacred number for contemplation, an important number that cannot be divided and cannot produce other numbers. Nothing in the natural matter world creates seven sided geometries. The human body has seven main primary chakra layers, and seven sets of endocrine glands that connect into these seven Chakras. Seven is the dimension of the Planetary Logos of which we were designed to harmonize the musical notes of the body with the musical notes of the Seven Spheres (Seven Solar Planes) to progress our Consciousness through the stages of The Silver Gate to reach The Golden Gate of spiritual Ascension.



The Sacred Decad (10) or Tetractys symbolize the Four Living Creatures and the elements that made them through the Prima Materia; fire, air, water, and earth. This also intersects into the four quadrants of cardinal directions and represents the divine calculus of the Universe. The Sacred Decad geometry is held within the Ophiuchus constellation transmission (13=4) which represent the organization of dimension and space in the Cosmos:

• the first row represents zero-dimensions (a point)

• the second row represents one-dimension (a line of two points)

• the third row represents two-dimensions (a plane defined by a triangle of three points)

• the fourth row represents three-dimensions (a tetrahedron defined by four points)[2]

Four as the Universal Prototype

According to the Pythagorean symbolism in the Tetrad, Four is considered the root of all things and the source of all nature. It is the number of numbers because The Sacred Decad or 10, includes 1, 2, 3 and 4, because it is a symbol of the four of the first four numbers. The tetrad connects them throughout all numbers, elements, and temporary structures which manifest as recurrent cycles in time. A Master Builder or Mason is quantified by the number 22, which when broken down aligns back to the structure of Four. The Master Builder sees the archetype, and brings it down to earth in some material form. The Universal Prototype in the Law of Structure related to the Four is revealing its truth to us now. That which has been created with falsified archetypes or with deception is being destroyed. While that which holds the sacred and perfect number of the Universal Law will remain and reveal its truth. To consider the importance of the Four as the Universal Prototype in the Law of Structure, there are many aspects in creation[3]:

  • The Four “Corners” of Creation – East South West North
  • The Fixed Signs of the Zodiac – Aquarius Leo Scorpio Taurus
  • The Four Living Creatures (Cherubim) – Man Lion Eagle Bull
  • The Four Seasons – Spring Winter Autumn Summer
  • Planetary Grid Networks – GEG GWL SBC FFM
  • The Ages of Hu-Man – Childhood Youth Maturity Age
  • The Stages of Existence – Birth Growth Maturity Decay
  • The Parts of Man’s Constitution – Spirit Soul Mind Body
  • The Four Elements – Air Fire Water Earth
  • The Four Worlds – Emanation Creation Formation Action
  • The Royal Stars – Aldebaran Fomalhaut Antares Regulus|}




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